DBA International students share their experience in the Netherlands

DBA International students share their experience in the Netherlands

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The Cohort 4 students, who recently joined the prestigious DBA International programme in November, have set their sights on personal development and international travel.

During the last week of November eight new doctorate students came together for their first DBA International conference after travelling from Kazakhstan, Russia, Qatar, Nigeria, Netherlands, Suriname, and Curacao to meet for the first time at BSN’s business school in the Netherlands. The two Dutch students naturally didn’t have to board a plane, but drove to the picturesque town of Buren; a shorter trip than the others, but they arrived with the same enthusiasm as their fellow students.

Workshops on Action Learning were run by BSN tutor, Dr Sláva Kubátová PhD. Inspiring topics included themes such as the Philosophy behind Research and business models were presented by Professor John McAuley, Romas Bujna and Norbert Grevelingen. Former student, Richard van Houdt DBA, shared his experience of the DBA programme with the group; talked about his thesis and reflected on choices he had made along the way. All in all it was very insightful according to the students.  

Rania-Jammal 175Empowering thoughts, inspiring environment and friendly people
For Ms Rania Jammal, from Qatar, this trip marked her first visit to the Netherlands. Besides meeting Sinterklaas (“I was lucky enough to get some delicious cookies from him!”) one of the highlights of the trip, she found the workshops very insightful and added a lot of knowledge to her educational reservoir. “It is very inspiring to learn new concepts and relate them to my own personal life and professional career”. Rania’s high point was the group interaction: “Group members ranging from different backgrounds working in such a harmonious atmosphere! It made for the success of the workshop. In a word: fantastic!” Rania’s verdict: “Empowering thoughts, inspiring environment and friendly people.”

Marcel van der Ham, International Dean of BSN and Coordinator of the DBA International programme, always experiences the same excitement as that of the students when it comes to their international trip: “Our latest Cohort of doctorate students have set out on their own particular journey to answer challenging, business administration questions, all of them with the quest for the right answers. With the students representing seven nationalities as well as a balanced mix between genders we can truly say that it was a very successful trip for all.”

BSaule-Smailova 175SN faculty well received
Ms Saule Smailova, owner of ‘ELEN’ Language School, a successful international school teaching English language courses in Kazakhstan, wholeheartedly agrees with Marcel about the success of the international trip. “The workshops were amazing – I’ve never attended workshops like these before. I was fascinated by the teaching methods and by the way Tomas and Slava got the material across. Excellent – I’d give them an A+!” Moreover, Saule found the Action Learning concept riveting. “The most important rule of Action Learning is that in order to be successful, one needs to take the first step and move forward, which is exactly what I am doing now,” says a much more confident Saule.

More about BSN’s Doctorate in Business Administration
BSN’s prestigious DBA International programme is perfect for Senior Professionals, Chief Executive Officers or Managing Directors, who wish to experience professional advancement, develop advanced research skills and a scientific attitude through the encouragement of original research at doctorate level whilst adding new theory and/or findings to the existing body of knowledge in business administration.  Most of all: it’s an incredibly interesting programme providing an intense learning journey, especially for those who want to travel and network.


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