"The MBA boosted my self-confidence: I can proudly tell people that I hold an MBA degree"

"The MBA boosted my self-confidence: I can proudly tell people that I hold an MBA degree"

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A BSN alumnus, Ajit Paul, looks back on his MBA journey. “The way Prof Coop guided and explained things is something I never encountered during my college days”

Ajit-Paul-MBA 275Ajit Paul is currently responsible for the technology and application enablement function in South Africa and Africa, working as an Associate Director for Deloitte T&T. He registered for the International Action Learning MBA at Business School Netherlands in February 2012 and graduated in September 2014. Both the country manager and his former manager recommended BSN to him. Ajit: “I was hoping the MBA would give me a more structured approach to business. Applying for new roles after the completion of an MBA will increase your chances to sneak ahead of the competition, as many employers look favorabaly at a Master qualification.”

What was your main motivation to study an MBA?
“The knowledge and respect gained from completing specialist business qualifications is generally considered to be beneficial for a range of roles across all industries – especially for those roles that require management and leadership skills.”
What has been the added value of Action Learning to you?
“Through practicing Action Learning I added value to my company as well as myself by learning and completing the right projects in all the streams and subjects like Finance, HRM, Marketing, etc.”

Looking back on the MBA, how has it affected your career?
“All was very structured and well planned. The tutors were amazing. I enjoyed my engagement with Prof Coop (Red Barron) the most, his guidance and the way he explained things is something I never encountered in my college days. My Dissertation focused on “Outsourcing Market” and as a result, I believe that I have become an SME (Subject Matter Expert) on the subject!”

What was the absolute highlight of the programme for you?
“The structure of the Dissertation, especially the EAML, Literature Review and survey. I really enjoyed every single chapter of my Dissertation. Also, I appreciated the way logistics were handled by BSN during both our visits to the Netherlands.”

How has the programme changed or influenced your daily life?
“Personally, I have become more disciplined and developed a very structured approach when looking at an issue or problem statement. Moreover, it has also boosted my confidence: I can proudly tell people that I hold an MBA degree. Professionally, it has exposed me to various other topics such as Finance, HR and Marketing, which I wasn’t familiar with before.”